Iron Infusion 

If your iron levels are low, then your doctor may well suggest an iron infusion. 

In order for us to administer this type of support we need to ensure you have had the appropriate investigations and the possible reasons for your low iron levels have been identified. Completion of an assessment form and an evaluation of recent blood tests may help identify that an iron infusion could be the right treatment for you. 

If you haven’t already, you will be required to undergo blood tests in order to ensure that you qualify for an iron infusion (Iron Deficient Ferritin <20 and resulting in anaemia, you will be eligible to get the medication with a funded prescription. If you do not fit the criteria, the iron infusion medication itself will cost an extra $200-$400.)

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The iron infusion usually only takes around 15-30 minutes. You’ll need to remain with us for another 30 minutes, just so we can monitor you for any adverse effects.

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