Micro Ear Suction

At IV Boutique we have the specialized equipment and training to observe, assess and clear the ear canal. Our equipment allows us to perform cleaning under direct vision.

Historically professionals have used ear syringing for cleaning. This is no longer recommended as when the water is syringed into the ear canal there is no vision and this may lead to injury of the ear canal, perforation of the ear drum and infection.

Using the micro suctioning technique enables us to observe the ear canal and drum clearly. It allows safe cleaning and assessment of the well being of the ear. Ear micro suctioning is a very safe procedure.

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Expert Ear Care

During your appointment both ears are viewed and assessed. Micro suction is very comfortable (although a little noisy!), gentle and safe. Our Registered and well trained nurses use suction and very small instruments to clear the ear canal.

Occasionally if it is found that the wax in your ear is too hard to be removed you will need to soften the wax for 5-7 days and then return to have the wax removed.

No Referral Required


Initial consultation, bilateral ear assessment, wax removal – $65
Follow up within 7 days – $30
Follow up within 14 days – $40
Follow up within 1 month – $50

You must see your GP if you have pain or an urgent issue/problem.

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